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The engineering of living organisms could soon start changing everything”, Oliver Morton, The Economist, 4 April, 2019. (This issue of the Technology Quarterly features several of our portfolio companies, as well as our latest economic analysis of U.S. bioeconomy revenues.)

"Cell therapies are giving Seattle an edge in biotech, driving three acquisitions in under a month", Clare McGrane, Geekwire, 28 February 2018.

"The Biobased Economy Is Reaching a Tipping Point", Brent Erickson, Biofuels Digest, 26 February 2018.

"How DNA could store all the world’s data in a semi-trailer", Chloe Cornish, Financial Times, 4 February 2018.

"Bioeconomy Capital's Rob Carlson sees big potential in Seattle's industrial biotech startups", Casey Coombs, Puget Sound Business Journal, 13 December 2017.

"With Lab-Grown Leather, Modern Meadow Is Engineering a Fashion Revolution", Vikram Alexei Kansara, Business of Fashion, 26 September 2017.

"Why Every Company Needs A Bio Strategy", Rob Wright, Life Science Leader, 6 Oct 2017.

"New Natural Selection: How Scientists Are Altering DNA To Genetically Engineer New Forms Of Life", Bryan Walsh, Newsweek, 29 June, 2017.

"How a biotech startup rose, and then fell", Scott Kirsner, Boston Globe, 20 Jan 2017.

"Forget the sci-fi horror stories. Here’s what we could learn from a synthetic genome", Ike Swetlitz, STAT News, 2 June 2016.

"DNA Manufacturing Enters the Age of Mass Production", Eliza Strickland, IEEE Spectrum, 23 Dec 2015.



Congressional Testimony by Rob Carlson, U.S. House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Research and Technology,

12 March, 2019

Written Testimony: “Engineering Our Way to a Sustainable Bioeconomy”, Robert Carlson. (PDF)

Answers to Follow Up Questions Submitted by Chairwoman Haley Stevens, Robert Carlson (PDF)

Best of Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018

highlights and Rob Carlson addresses a Packed House in Berlin

LifT Basel 2015: Building our Biological Future

(or "Where will we get our stuff?")